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I'm a designer currently living and working in Zurich, right in the middle of Europe. This blog is about my original toy work and hobby interests. I dedicate it to Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama, creator of the Maschinen Krieger universe, which has always been a teacher and source of inspiration to me, as he is for many contemporary concept artists and illustrators of the 21st century.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CAMEL (01)

Part 1: Cockpit with Pilot

The cabin is kitbashing at its best!!! Make sure the canopy closes properly before glueing the pedal! I had to cut the pilot in half and modify the legs angle for ideal fit.

The undercoat should be painted in layers otherwise it will be very dificult to reach all hidden corners when fully assembled.

Painted pilot...

I found some real space pictures of the Gemini capsule, which I would like to use as a reference for the camel cockpit color scheme.

Added some custom details to the cabine, like control sticks made from a piece of wheel suspension from the spares bin...

and filled the console with a monitor... Yep, it's a Ma.Kintosh ;)

Fasten your seat belts... all done! :)

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