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I'm a designer currently living and working in Zurich, right in the middle of Europe. This blog is about my original toy work and hobby interests. I dedicate it to Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama, creator of the Maschinen Krieger universe, which has always been a teacher and source of inspiration to me, as he is for many contemporary concept artists and illustrators of the 21st century.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Last year GIRAP attracted attention with the announcement of a 1/35 CERBERUS kit. The kit immediately went on top of my wish list. Well knowing how difficult it would be to get hold of one, I decited to minimize frustration by building my own one :) I started to buy Rolls Royce fenders in different scales and was lucky enough to find a spare fender of the rare POCHER 1/8 Rolls-Royce kit, which was Kow's main donor kit for the original 1/20 CERBERUS. This time I decidet to go for a smaller and more assessable version at approx. 1/40 scale using a 1/16 RR kit. So here is my build of the CERBERUS...

Original CERBERUS by Kow Yokoyama

There are two 1/16 kits available: One is the Rolls-Royce 1934 Phantom II Continental kit from Revell, which has the fenders and footboard shape very close to the Pocher. Only the spare wheel hollow is missing. And there is the Rolls-Royce 1937 Phantom III kit from Entex (picture) which has a slightly different shape in the front and definitely less matching in the rear, but has the defining spare wheel design. I decidet to go with the Entex RR and to save the Revell fenders for another project (later more!) However, for a few specific parts you'll need to have the Revell as well. So, my suggestion is to buy both kits and go with the Entex :)

I reshaped/reduced the height of the fenders rear end, then brought into position with styrene sheet. Gearbox and wheel suspension is from the Revell kit, the Nitto Fireball nozzles are just perfect in scale.

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