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Thursday, September 11, 2008

P.K.F.100 FALKE NGF (11)

Great! My new mobile phone with 5mp camera is inferior in quality as my old 3mp cam. Audio quality also very poor by the way, which is still supposed to be the main function of mobile phones! Instead it's all touchscreeny... wow, thank you for that but I can't hear you! However, the WIP reports must go on and so here we go again! ;)

The Anty Gravity
Pod (Rear Unit):
"May I present you the new HAG-POD Technology - Hemispheric Anti Gravity Pod! The half shell design allows a more economical and equilibrated aircraft design. Due to a special reflector device the anty gravity field achieves efficiency of 75% at 50% power consumption compared to conventional ball design. The NG Falke is the first one-manned aircraft provided with a four point AG-pod alignment, which has much more improved flight characteristics, especially low-altitude and landing navigation."
An extract from the manual ;)

I beefed-up the underside of the booms by adding a segment of the Beaufighter fuselage (red marking)...

Now the rear pod unit can be added to the booms. The Ping Pong ball follows exactly the curve of the Krupp Protze Fender...

After sanding I gave it a fresh coat of primer to see where I want to move the overall design. See the green color above and below? Same color, different camera :(

some underneath details.

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