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I'm a designer currently living and working in Zurich, right in the middle of Europe. This blog is about my original toy work and hobby interests. I dedicate it to Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama, creator of the Maschinen Krieger universe, which has always been a teacher and source of inspiration to me, as he is for many contemporary concept artists and illustrators of the 21st century.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LunaDiver Stingray by Hasegawa (01)

It's here! Another historical design from the Ma.K universe has been turned into an injection-plastic model kit: The Luna Diver!
After the Falke, Hasegawa
realized a new engineering masterpiece, again with great attention to detail of the original model created by Kow Yokoyama. Kit comes with 2 SAFS Fireball suits and stand. Here a quick WIP shot with deboarding pilot for better scale comparison...

Ma.K releases by Hasegawa:
Falke 1/20 scale and LunaDiver 1/35 scale...

Reference pics of the painted model can be seen here

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