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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BREAKING NEWS - Camel by Hasegawa!

Another epic Ma.K. reveal has been made by Hasegawa: CAMEL will be available as a scale model kit by end of this year - either in 1/35 or 1/20 scale ... Please, let us all let Hasegawa know that we need this to be 1/20!!! We already got through with the Falke, and we really should try again with the Camel! Definitely another of my very fav of Kow's designs! WOOT!

thanks to the pics owner.


JSAN9 said...

Agree, this needs to be released in 1:20! Most Ma.k fans have 2-3 Falkes, but only have one Nut. Same with LD.

makadi3ooo said...

What I can say is that the 1/20 Camel body is about the volume of a Luna Diver and quite "proportional" to the other releases. 1/35 scale is just a tad too small IMO and would lose so many details, especially in the cockpit area. I don't know if Hasegawa's MaK email is still working, but if you want to let them know your thoughts, here it is:

maschinenkrieger @