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I'm a designer currently living and working in Zurich, right in the middle of Europe. This blog is about my original toy work and hobby interests. I dedicate it to Japanese artist Kow Yokoyama, creator of the Maschinen Krieger universe, which has always been a teacher and source of inspiration to me, as he is for many contemporary concept artists and illustrators of the 21st century.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


How about building a Maschinen Krieger kitbash model in one hour !?

I built mine after dreaming of a remote control able to breathe life into all our static scale models... how would that be !? Crazy, I know :)

Now, I invite you all to send me your personal 1-hour-project!

Rule No. 1: You must use 1 Ping Pong ball!
Rule No. 2: You must build it within 1 hour!
Rule No. 3: Don't cheat, watch the time! ;)

Deadline is 1. December 2008.

All contributions will be posted here on 2. December 2008.
Winner announcement is on Christmas Day (25th).

How to enter:
All you have to do for submission is to send me an email including
your name, the project's name if available, your favorit picture and a link (optional) to your website, blog, forum, youtube, or whatever you got for background information about your 1-hour-project challenge.

One more thing about the contest rules:

I've been asked if preparation of the sprues and spare parts can be done outside of the 1 hour limit and I decided that it is ok to frame the creativ work beforehand and do the hard work in 1 hour. This means building and painting, also decals or diorama work if planned. However, it is up to you what concept you want to follow. If you like to surprise yourself with an unpredictable design, just open the spares bin at the countdown!

Good Luck! (^^)

(All entries will be displayed after the deadline)

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